About Me

I was born and raised in High Point, NC where I attended High Point Central HS and was the first graduating class for the IB program in the city. I played 3 sports a year (football, wrestling, and baseball) and worked part-time at the local grocery store. After high school, I attended North Carolina State University for 4 years and graduated with a major in Industrial Design and a minor in Architecture. But... while at NCSU, I knew that I wanted to teach. So when I graduated, I enrolled in a lateral entry program to receive my educational credits and then went on to receive my masters in administration from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. 

While in college, I met my beautiful wife, Abby, who happens to also be a teacher. She, too, was an art major but we're on opposite ends of the spectrum. While I'm detailed oriented, she is completely abstract. We spent the first 3 years of our relationship together in Raleigh, NC but then moved to Florida to raise a family near her's. It didn't take long either... by 2009, we gave birth to our son Hayden, and the following year to our daughter Bella. God has blessed us in so many ways since we moved to Florida. It's quite indescribable. First our careers, then a house, and then our beautiful children.
In particular, I am a continuous learner. I never stop trying to learn something new. Whether I'm trying to learn a small shortcut or picking up a new hobby, my life is full of new "stuff" - especially technology. I believe that it is our responsibility to maintain this steady forward motion to learn our personal boundaries. Without failure, there would be no success. Subsequently, we must experience this failure to truly understand where we succeed in life. 

In addition, I believe that students often learn more effectively when several components have been met: 

1) Students must feel safe in the classroom. 
2) Students have the ability to link prior knowledge to current content. 
3) There is a respectful relationship that exists between the individual and the teacher as well as the class and the teacher
4) Differentiated instruction takes place on a consistent basis to meet the needs of all students

Aside from school, I enjoy playing outside on my mountain bike, working out, wakeboarding, and many other physical activities. I also just enjoying a good night in with the family and playing cards, Settlers of Catan, or engaging in a great movie.